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Acid attack first aid: What you need to do immediately to help victims


If you are the victim of an acid attack or witness one taking place, it’s important to act as quickly as possible to minimize damage to the eyes, skin and surrounding tissues.

Urgent first aid advice has been issued by ambulance officers after a corrosive substance was thrown over five people in 90 minutes last night in London.

One of the victims suffered “life-changing” facial injuries due to chemical burns caused by the acid, police said.

The first step to take if someone has been attacked with acid is to make sure the area around them is safe and to take measures, such as wearing gloves, so you don’t come into contact with the chemical.

“If the chemical is in powder form, it can be brushed off of the skin,” said the advice from St John’s Ambulance.

The charity warned people not to waste time searching for an antidote to the chemical, and not to attempt to neutralize burns caused by acids or alkalis unless properly trained.

The most effective action to take is to try and flood the burn with water to disperse the chemical and stop the burning, it said. Bottled water is fine for this if it is the only thing to hand.

Try and douse the burn with water for at least 20 minutes, ensuring that no contaminated puddles are allowed to collect under the victim.

While flooding the injury, try and gently remove any clothing with the substance on it and call an ambulance as soon as possible, while checking the casualty is still breathing and responsive.

If the substance has entered the victim’s eyes, hold their eye under gently running cold water for at least 10 minutes, thoroughly irrigating the eyelid both inside and out, said the first aid experts.

Do not allow the casualty to touch the injured eye, as they may have acid on their hands, and do not forcibly remove a contact lens.


While Trump enjoys golf, former president Jimmy Carter, 92, is building homes for the poor


It’s a tale of two very different commander-in-chiefs. President Donald Trump and former president Jimmy Carter

Former US president Jimmy Carter, 92, spent this week building homes for the needy in Winnipeg, Canada.

Despite being rushed to hospital on Thursday after collapsing from dehydration under the hot sun, he returned to the construction site the following day after a clean bill of health.

This week was the 34th time that Jimmy and his 89-year-old wife Rosalynn have volunteered on a project with Habitat for Humanity, an affordable housing charity for vulnerable people.

While Mr. Carter spent the day in a hard hat, current US president Donald Trump was watching golf.

He spent eight hours at the US Women’s Open, hosted by his own Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.

President Trump smiles at crowds at the US Women’s Open, hosted at his Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey (PA)

Friday was the 36th day he has spent at one of his own golf clubs in the 176 days of his presidency to date, according to trumpgolfcount.com, which tracks the president’s outings.

This means he has spent 20 per cent of his time in office at one of his own golf courses. At the same point in his presidency, Barack Obama had spent eight days at a golf course.

Friday was the first time a sitting president has attended the US Women’s Open. Such visits require a huge and costly security detail.

The outing comes after a week of revelations about his son Donald Trump Jr’s previously undisclosed meeting during the 2016 election campaign with a Russian lawyer linked to the Kremlin.

President Trump arrived at his course at 3.40pm, distracting attention from the players and leaving only a “small handful of fans” actually watching the course, reported the Washington Post.

Less than four hours later in Winnipeg, Mr. Carter addressed the building project’s closing ceremony, at which he was given a standing ovation.